Industrial Grade Hunting Season!

It’s here again. Fall is a wonderful time to hike in the mountains and forests, but be careful! Deer season has opened and the hills are alive with the sound of motors and people in motion, along with the occasional gunshot. Elaborate hunting camps have sprung up everywhere there’s a road and a campsite. Huge pickups, massive trailers and RV’s, ATV’s, side-by-sides, generators, giant Cabelas multi-room tents, toilet chairs and buckets, etc. This stuff has been rolling into the forest the last few days. Seems like a lot of materials, energy, time and effort just to get a little buck! Gone are the days of the hunters in the battered old pickup, camping in a Coleman tent with a two-burner white gas Coleman stove, dressed in red plaid Filson coats, toting a lever-action .30-.30 Winchester, and maybe only one case of beer and a whiskey flask in camp. Now some of the hunters look like Navy Seals wannabes, with gun slings and AR-15’s, giant scopes, range-finder binoculars, night vision goggles, Go-Pros, game cameras, total camo outfits, face paint, etc. It’s all very strange and discordant.

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