As an active hiker and Forest Service employee, I spent a lot of time working and hiking on the PCT in the Washington Cascades. Along the way, I met a few strange people that gave me pause and made me wonder, “what if…?” Pacific Crest, my first novel, explores one of those what-ifs in what I hope is an entertaining and suspenseful way.

My writing credentials include a BA degree in print journalism from CWU. I worked for the U.S. Forest Service for many years in several roles, including Forest Protection Officer, wilderness ranger, trail crew supervisor, volunteer coordinator, trail guide author, grant writer and firefighter. My published works include mostly cartoons and illustrations, as well as several written works for the USFS.

I’ve written several other novels, all mercifully unpublished. Pacific Crest is my first serious effort to write and publish what I hope is a quality mystery novel. A sequel is in the works as are two other novels.

In addition to writing, I sometimes work as a freelance cartoonist and illustrator and have been published locally, nationally and internationally. Recent works include the cover of Pacific Crest and humorous illustrations for a series of story-telling signs in Ellensburg’s Irene Rhinehart Riverfront Park.

As for photography, it’s something I’ve always enjoyed and like to practice as a welcome break from sitting on my butt writing. It gets me out of the house and helps me see and experience nature more clearly. My huge collection of photos also provides material for illustration.