A Final Sun-Soaked Summer-like Autumn Day

Heaven in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness

It’s snowing now and the maple leaves are fleeing the trees to flutter and roll in the cold wind before settling to the ground. They become rake-bait at that point, their service done, having made room on the trees for next year’s buds. The color show is nearly ended now, with only a few willows and cottonwoods holding onto their hoard of golden leaves. Soon enough those will fall and winter will be here.

It’s hard to believe that it was less than a week ago that I was napping in the warm sun on the shore of a mountain lake while my wife cast a fishing line into the mirror waters. Willows and alders still sported some gaudy leaves and the lake shore grass glowed with color. Squirrels chattered in the forest behind us and lazy ravens called out, floating on the breeze in a blue sky. It was absolutely wonderful. I’m so glad we made the time to visit the lake and enjoy one more sun-drenched day before winter started closing in.

Under a warm sun and a blue sky, Dawn casts for the elusive trout.

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