Goosestepping; What’s the Point?


I recently watched a video of North Korean troops marching in a parade. After witnessing that, I doubt we’ll have to worry about the North Korean foot soldier in a war. The entire army will be 4F in no time with fallen arches!

What’s the deal with goosestepping anyway? Do geese do it? If so, it doesn’t matter because geese have an alternative; they can fly! People can’t; at least not on their own.

I’m not impressed by goosestepping. It looks painful as hell and totally useless. Totalitarians love it though. I guess if you’re a totalitarian, you have to do it. It must be in the rule book “Total Totalitarian Rules!” It’s a dictator thing. Maybe they’re selling arch supports or insoles and getting rich along with their arch supporters. Who knows?

All I know is that goosestepping is stupid and harmful and looks ridiculous. Kind of like dictators themselves.

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